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Trade Information Database

Welcome to the CITD/ITCI Trade Information Database


Trade Information Database (TID) is an extensive one-stop source of trade information drawn from many different U.S. Government, international, and non-governmental Websites. The TID is organized in 12 broad categories and 74 subcategories for convenient, drill-down searches, with nearly 900 direct links to export/import guides; trade reference tools; product-and country-specific statistics and market research; trade directories, trade opportunities; tariff and non-tariff trade barriers; trade promotion programs; guides to trade finance, documentation, and transportation; and sources of trade assistance.

Trade Readiness Tools
How to information and tools to prepare and train for international trade

Trade Reference Tools
Quick look-ups to commonly needed international commodity codes definitions and conversions.

Trade & Economic Data/Policy
Worldwide trade and economic data, U.S. trade policy, and U.S. exporter composition and job impacts.

Foreign Market Research
Extensive industry country and topical market research to help pinpoint best export markets assess particular markets adapt to local cultures and customs and develop effective market entry strategies.

Website and eCommerce Development
Methods and tools to optimize websites for global markets and develop online export sales capability

Trade Assistance & Promotion Programs
Programs, services and events to assist exporters, promote export products, and facilitate international matchmaking.

Trade Contacts & Leads
Trade directories and specific trade lead to identify prospective suppliers buyers and distributors.

Trade/Investment Regulations
U.S. and worldwide laws and regulations affecting market access and compliance.

Buyer-Seller Interaction and Documentation
Tools and procedures to negotiate terms with foreign buyers, close deals, and comply with documentary requirements

Trade Finance & Insurance
Guides, programs, and sources of export finance, export credit insurance, and marine insurance.

Trade Transport & Logistics
Requirements, tools and services to manage international trade logistics and deliver the goods.

International Trade News
News feeds, Blogs, periodicals and publications on topics, industries, and regions of interest to international traders

Trade Resources Directory
California U.S. Government international private sector and academic sources of assistance.

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