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ITCI collaborates with other training providers, particularly the Port of Los Angeles (POLA), to cover a wide range of export-import topics, typically in 3-4 hour workshops/seminars. Training providers are welcome to Contact ITCI to request that their events be posted on the 

ITCI Event Calendar.

ITCI's collaboration with POLA's award-winning Trade Connect Program offers a series of introductory (101) and intermediate (201-301) workshops covering all aspects of exporting, from getting ready to best-market identification, market entry planning, market promotion, finding buyers and distributors, making sales and getting paid, legal and regulatory compliance, delivering the goods, and sources of research, advice and assistance at each stage. Below is a list of the workshops offered through Trade Connect. For videos of recent Trade Connect 301 workshops, see http://www.latradeconnect.org/trade-connect-video-seminar-301-series/. 

101 Introductory Workshops cover the basics of exporting in free, half-day sessions, including benefits, costs, and risks of exporting, how to assess export readiness and potential, and what's involved and how and where to get help with start-up, market research, promotion, matchmaking, trade finance, and transport and logistics.

 201-301 Intermediate Workshops cover 8-10 specific topics in individual 3-4 hours sessions, including: Is Exporting for Me, Getting Ready; Finding & Entering Best Export Markets; International Business Culture; Internet Export Marketing; Identifying & Managing International Distributors;  Financing & Insuring Export Goods; Legal Dos & Donts for Exporters; Export Logistics & Documentation; Market Research for Export Success; and Business Planning for Export Success.

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