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Welcome to the ITCI Regulatory FAQ Database


This extensive ITCI database has over 1,000 authoritative FAQs covering all aspects of U.S. export and import controls, foreign import controls, and international/multilateral trade controls under various treaties and conventions. Virtually all the FAQs were extracted from the official Websites of the regulating organizations. By recompiling and consolidating these FAQs into the one-stop ITCI portal, you will no longer have to search each source individually to find the same FAQs.


You can search for specific FAQs of interest either by keyword or by topic (organized into 4 broad categories and nearly 100 subcategories). 

  • A key word search cuts across all the topics to pull up every FAQ containing the specified word. Please take note: While fast and powerful, the keyword search may also pull up seemingly “unrelated” FAQs. For example, a search using “wine” as the keyword will also pull up FAQs relating to “swine.” 
  •  To search by topic, you may use the “Sort by Category” box to select from one of the 4 broad categories, or click “Show All” to scroll down the long subcategory list to find your topic of interest. By selecting a topic, all FAQs relevant to that topic will appear. 

A click on any question will not only pull up the answer, but will also provide a link to the regulating organization and, in somecases, to a second link to a more detailed explanation. 

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