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Welcome to Export Start-Up Kit

Regulatory compliance, ITCIs main focus, is but one key aspect of international trade. Successful exporters must also understand the many important steps up to and after the need for compliance. ITCIs Export Start-Up Kit links to free resources and tools developed by Maurice Kogon to help educate start-up exporters in particular on the basics of exporting, assess their likely export potential and readiness, point them directly to Web resources that can help them at each stage of the export process, and answer questions that typically arise in their evolution as exporters. 


Guide to Careers in International Trade : Maurice Kogon wrote this Guide to Careers in International Trade in 2006, to show the wide range of jobs available to those contemplating careers in this broad field. The Guide is aligned with the skills needed for jobs in the 4 Domains covered by NASBITE Internationalís Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) credential and national exam. Except for the statistics on trade and salary ranges, much of the document remains relevant today.

Exporting Basics :  Maurice Kogon's practical guide to exporting for novice exporters explains the fundamentals of exporting in six Chapters -- I. Is Exporting for Me? II. Build Export Capacity; III. Develop Export Markets; IV. Make Export Sales & Get Paid; V. Comply with Regulatory & Documentary Requirements; and VI. Deliver the Goods.

Export Internet Search Wizard: Maurice Kogon's step-by-step roadmap to extensive Internet resources, products, programs and services to meet 10 basic export needs, from getting started to getting paid. Users simply click on any of the 10 listed "Needs" to get directly to the relevant Internet content.

Export Readiness Assessment: An interactive, on-line diagnostic tool to assess a company's export readiness, developed by Maurice Kogon. The Assessment includes a 23-point test and provides immediate feedback in the form of an export readiness test score; a detailed, point-by-point diagnosis of export strengths and weaknesses; and tips on how to overcome weaknesses. The user can save, copy, and print the entire report, as well as e-mail the results to a trade counselor of choice.

Export FAQs: Maurice Kogon's quick and convenient source of answers to commonly asked export questions. Over 85 questions are answered in 13 need-to-know categories.

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