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Why ITCI? ITCI is directed at two primary audiences – the 80-85% of U.S. manufacturers that may have export potential, but do no exporting at all; and existing exporters and importers who unwittingly fail to comply with international trade regulations. Those who could export, but don’t, are missing out on huge potential sales opportunities in the 95% of the world market outside the U.S. Those who unwittingly violate applicable trade regulations not only put our nation at risk, but also risk severe criminal penalties and loss of their goods. Fear and ignorance are often to blame for both phenomena. ITCI is a rich, yet no-cost source of need-to-know information on all aspects of international trade and regulatory compliance, designed to help overcome fear and ignorance, motivate and increase export and import activity, and reduce the incidence of regulatory missteps.

What ITCI offers: You can Contact ITCI for advice, referral, comment or suggestions and tap 24/7 into our extensive, Website. We believe it to be among the most comprehensive, free Web portals of its kind. It covers all aspects of the international trade process and the entire gamut of U.S., foreign, and multilateral trade laws and regulations. See the Export Start-Up Kit for export readiness assessment and tools of the trade; the Trade Information Database with nearly 1,000 deep links to trade-related information in 12 broad categories and 74 subcategories; the FAQ Database with over 1,000 authoritative FAQs across all these areas; and the Regulatory Database with hundreds of regulatory terms/acronyms, laws/regulations, treaties/agreements, documents, and regulatory bodies.

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