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    What is Tin-Man?

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    It is the project name for the redesigned in-bond system. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will use this program to determine the compliance level of in-bond movements. It also will contain some automated enhancements to the in-bond system. Tin-man does statistically valid random inspections at either the port of origin or destination and post-audits of in-bond records, random post audits of all in-bond records at 60 days, random post audits of 'open' or unreconciled in-bond records at 90 days, automatic archiving of in-bonds after 6 months, enhanced examination and post-audit result reports at the port and national level, and QP/WP which is a new Automated Broker Interface (ABI) module that allows brokers and carriers to input in-bond movement data and notify CBP of the arrival or closure of the movement.

    Customs & Border Protection (CBP), Department of Homeland Security

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