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    Where can I find list of C-TPAT certified participants?

    If you are a C-TPAT participate, you can obtain a list of certified C-TPAT participants through the C-TPAT Status Verification Interface. However, if you are not a participant, CBP can not provide you with a list of certified C-TPAT participants. If you are interested in locating a C-TPAT certified entity to do business with, we suggest you contact a number of service providers and ask if they are C-TPAT participants. If you wish to verify their participation, you may ask to see a copy of the letter sent by the Assistant Commissioner/Office of Field Operations notifying them that they have successfully passed the certification process. For additional information, you can contact the C-TPAT office at (202) 344-1180.

    Customs & Border Protection (CBP), Department of Homeland Security

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