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    My application for an export license is taking longer than anticipated. What could I have done to expedite the process?

    You could have submitted your application over the Internet via SNAP-R, the Simplified Network Application Process Redesign. You will receive a same day acknowledgment of your submission from BIS and you will have saved several days otherwise required for mailing and converting the application to an electronic format. Additional information about SNAP-R is available on BIS' Web site. Information which substantiates the legitimate activities of the end-user could be supplied with the application. For example, medical researchers seeking chemicals or biological materials frequently have publication records that can document the qualifications of the researcher and the end-use. Supplying an unambiguous, detailed end-use description and a clear explanation of the transaction will help significantly reduce the need for interagency officials to contact an exporter for additional information, thus delaying a decision on an application.

    Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS),USDOC

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