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    What information should I provide in support of a license application for an item controlled for CB reasons to facilitate expeditious processing at the earliest stages?

    When the item you seek to export is a chemical, you must provide the Chemical Abstract Service (C.A.S.) Registry numbers, if it exists. You should also provide information related to the form, composition, and concentrations of individual components in a mixture to total 100%. When the proposed export is for biological materials, a technical description of the item to be exported must be included. In either case, the commodity must be appropriate for the proposed end-use, which should be described in detail. For example, specific herbicides or pesticides to be manufactured using controlled chemicals should be listed by trade or common name. Applications for use of chemicals or biological materials in research should describe how those items will be utilized in the research process. Moreover, medical literature can be, and frequently is, used to document the appropriateness of the proposed end-use as well as an end user's qualifications. It is also helpful to describe the transaction fully. Commentary addressing the need for high volumes of a controlled item can also be helpful.

    Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS),USDOC

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