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    I manufacture decontamination kits for chemical and biological agents for use by law enforcement agencies. The kits do not contain any CCL-controlled chemicals. Do I need a license to export? What about for chemical/biological destruction equipment?

    Export control jurisdiction is determined by the nature of the primary use (civilian or military) of the item being exported. Since these kits are designed to destroy chemical and biological agents that are controlled pursuant to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, exporters should contact the Department of State's Office of Defense Trade Controls for export authorization. However, certain incinerators designed to destroy chemical warfare agents or chemical weapons precursors controlled by ECCN 1C350 are controlled on the CCL under ECCN 2B350. Also, technology for the disposal of dual-use precursors or microbiological materials controlled under ECCNs 1C350-1C354 are controlled under ECCN 1E351

    Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS),USDOC

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