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Market Research Tools for Export Success - 11/20/2014 1:30 -5:30 PM

Event Category: About Exporting
Event Type: Seminar/workshop
Sponsoring Organization: Port of Los Angeles
Cost: $25.00
Instructor: Maurice Kogon

Description: Market research provides the analytical foundation needed for sound planning and decision making, particularly as to target markets and customers, market entry strategies, and regulatory compliance.However, needing information and easily finding it are altogether different. Class covers: •How not to be a typical “Googler” and waste too much time searching for just the right nuggets without necessarily finding them. •Learn to use a Web portal that has aggregated market information into a more user-friendly, one-stop shop. •Complete hands-on exercises to help you find relevant export start-up tools, trade and economic statistics, target-country marketing guides, product market surveys, trade regulations, trade contacts, and more.

LA Law Library
301 W.1st Street
Los Angeles,CA 90012

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